Before I started cooking a lot, I just used the steak knives that came in a little roundabout and that always sits on my counter. Those knives (Farberware, to be specific) still sit on my counter in one of those fancy spinny things and are used for quick hits and to put out with the dinner plates if needed.

But when I really get to cooking, I use my good knives. We got them as a wedding gift from a friend – it’s a knife block with Henckel’s knives in them. This is not the exact set, but they’re similar to these knives. I use the small and large chef’s knives the most, followed by the paring knife and the serrated knives. I also somehow ended up with two sankotu knives, which are also handy to have!

The most important thing in my block, however, is the sharpening steel!! Dull knives are not only annoying, but they are DANGEROUS. You’d think sharp knives would be more dangerous, but really the opposite is true. When your knife is dull, it’s going to slip, cause you to exert more force, etc. and you’re going to end up wounding yourself. So keep your knives sharp!! Oh and never ever put them in the dishwasher! HAND WASH ONLY!

Anyway, I love David Lebovitz’s blog and he recently blogged about knives. He gives great detail on what the different kinds of knives are, what all the fancy knife terms are all about (forged?! tang?! grip?!). You don’t have to spend a small fortune on knives to get good results in the kitchen. One or two good, sharp knives are all you need to get started!! Happy reading and happy chopping!

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