Veggies in the house!

As I posted about last year, we were members of a local CSA. We loved getting  a fresh box of veggies every week or every other week. Unfortunately, for several reasons, this year it was not in the cards to continue with the CSA.

Recently, our longtime friend, Nicole, approached me with what seems like the perfect solution – at home delivery of organic/local produce!! A few years ago, she escaped the world of engineering for much greener pastures (literally and perhaps figuratively too!) and started  the company Front Porch Pickings. You can check out their website for more details, but they deliver fresh local &/or organic produce all over the 1st coast of Florida, including Flagler, St. Johns, and Volusia counties and they have even expanded into the Tampa Bay area! So if you live in St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Deland, Lake Helen or other sunny destinations nearby, you can take advantage of Front Porch Picking’s amazing produce too! If you have questions, you can email them directly at or find them on Facebook.

I was so excited when my bag of produce arrived at my office door on Friday!! I didn’t want to unpack it all in my office because I was afraid I would never get it all back as neatly as they packed it, but I had to peek…

The gorgeous ruby red tomatoes and that freshly picked head of romaine lettuce were singing my song! I got home and unpacked the bag. I had some help from little hands (a 3 year old and 2 orange cats!) but wanted to take a few pictures of my bounty!

Those beautiful tomatoes:

A head of cabbage that is going to find it’s way into several recipes this week, I think!

And my 3 year old’s personal favorite – Brussells Sprouts (on the stalk – don’t see them that way very often, do ya!?). It’s a wonderful world when your 3 year old says, “But Mommy! Why aren’t we having those for dinner TONIGHT!?” 🙂

I received the “Green” bag and it contained: Pink Lady apples, grapefruits, kiwi, romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, green cabbage, small cucumbers, and tomatoes. We’ve already enjoyed a few things from the bag and I can’t wait to cook my way through it this week!! What a treat!

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3 thoughts on “Veggies in the house!”

  1. Wow – that looks delicious! We’re big brussel sprout fans in this house and am curious how you will prepare them. I normally just steam but am planning to try roasting them tonight.

    1. I normally steam too, but I think tonight I am going to do some version of balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese and roast them!! If there are some good steaks at the store, I’ll do steak, potatoes, sprouts. Looking forward to it! We LOVE Brussels sprouts!

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