Simple Crochet Dish Cloth

I realize that my website has been cooking, for a long time. I also realize I hardly update these days. Well, I am less than 2 weeks away from graduating nursing school, so I am going to have time to actually blog again. I have been cooking off and on, but only documenting it on Pinterest! Anyway, I have also taken up crocheting as a hobby. I am a total newbie, but for my own memory purposes I want to blog about the things that I have made, so I can find the patterns later on!!

So not the first thing I have made, but my first crochet blog. I am trying to find “the perfect” dish cloth to suit me (aka the novice crocheter). A lot of the patterns I have found make gigantic cloths that are way too long. So I found this pattern on YouTube (a new crocheter’s dream! Video demos!). I am not 100% sure that this is THE ONE for me, but it was not a bad little project to practice on! I am still learning, so be nice to me 🙂

It’s easy! Basically start with a slip knot, chain however many wide you want your towel to be. I think mine was ch25. Turn, single crochet to the end. Chain 2, turn, double crochet to the end, chain 1, turn, rinse, repeat. Then at the end I did a ch1, did 3 single crochets into the corner, then single crochet down the side to make a border. 3 sc in each corner as you sc around the edges to the end. Then slip stitch when you get back to the beginning and you fasten off and voila!

I used an H hook (5mm) and Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Stripes (cotton) in Natural. I have never used the striped yarn before and if I had known how it was going to work out, I probably would have made the cloth less wide, but hey, you live, you learn, right?

Happy crocheting 🙂

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