Easy crochet dish cloth

I bought some “I love this cotton” yarn when I found it on sale a while back. I had forgotten I had it and when I found it, thought I might try out a few fish cloth patterns to see if I found one I liked. This is the Woods Print color

This is SUPER easy. I used this pattern. This is a c/p so I have it for my records. Visit her site for the whole set of instructions!! I used a H hook and added a single crochet border all the way around the edges. 

Posting from my phone

So here we areโ€ฆ In the age of technology! I’m dictating this with voice to text, and I’m going to see what her post looks like done from the WordPress app on my phone. Let’s add a picture!

We got a puppy! His name is Buster. He is a rescue – we think he is a Plott Hound. He will be a year old at the end of May. 

So this works well I think. I’ve been cooking a lot lately and working on some crochet projects. I want to share some of the things I’m doing and working from my phone will make that easier. So here we go!

Textured Crochet Dish Cloth

This dishcloth pattern comes from yarnspirations.com and is called “Speedy Texture Dishcloth”. I made this a few weeks ago and ended up using an entire ball of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton. I failed to read that there were TWO balls required (hello, brain!) so I just finished out one ball instead. It was way longer than I wanted, so there was no need to carry on with buying another ball. I like the texture, though, so I may make a half width version at some point.

Anyway, this was made with an H hook and Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton in Butter Cream Ombre (I am not 100% sure that’s the color name, but it looks closest to that one).

Simple Crochet Dish Cloth

I realize that my website has been cooking, for a long time. I also realize I hardly update these days. Well, I am less than 2 weeks away from graduating nursing school, so I am going to have time to actually blog again. I have been cooking off and on, but only documenting it on Pinterest! Anyway, I have also taken up crocheting as a hobby. I am a total newbie, but for my own memory purposes I want to blog about the things that I have made, so I can find the patterns later on!!

So not the first thing I have made, but my first crochet blog. I am trying to find “the perfect” dish cloth to suit me (aka the novice crocheter). A lot of the patterns I have found make gigantic cloths that are way too long. So I found this pattern on YouTube (a new crocheter’s dream! Video demos!). I am not 100% sure that this is THE ONE for me, but it was not a bad little project to practice on! I am still learning, so be nice to me ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s easy! Basically start with a slip knot, chain however many wide you want your towel to be. I think mine was ch25. Turn, single crochet to the end. Chain 2, turn, double crochet to the end, chain 1, turn, rinse, repeat. Then at the end I did a ch1, did 3 single crochets into the corner, then single crochet down the side to make a border. 3 sc in each corner as you sc around the edges to the end. Then slip stitch when you get back to the beginning and you fasten off and voila!

I used an H hook (5mm) and Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Stripes (cotton) in Natural. I have never used the striped yarn before and if I had known how it was going to work out, I probably would have made the cloth less wide, but hey, you live, you learn, right?

Happy crocheting ๐Ÿ™‚

Easy turkey chili

So I know I have not blogged in, oh, forever!? Nursing school really sucks the fun out of life! LOL I kid. I actually love being in nursing school, just doesn’t leave much time for blogging or cooking! Anyway, this turkey chili is adapted from a recipe I found on allrecipes.com. I have made this probably 20 times or more (my way) and it doubles easily and freezes beautifully. I normally make a double batch, freeze half, and we eat the other half. You can spice it up however you like with some cayenne, but my kids don’t like the heat, so I normally don’t add much! This recipe is nice, too, because it can pretty much handle most veggies. I have been known to add carrots, celery, zucchini, etc – anything I have on hand and need to use up! The recipe written below is for one recipe (not the doubled one, just to be clear!).

Another quick note – if I double it, I usually brown the turkey in a separate pan because it makes a lot of liquid/grease and I don’t want that in my chili. Just one pound does not do that usually, but when you bump it to two, yeah…..

Tip: I freeze tomato paste in 1 Tbsp size lumps – freeze them on a plate and then pop them off into a bag. Easy to grab 1 tbsp when you need it for recipes like this!


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