This week’s menu – 8/17/14

Well well well….. 7 months later LOL I have a boat load of recipes that I have cooked – you can find them on my Pinterest Boards called “Made it! ….” I recently separated them by course to be easier to find stuff.

Here is my board for Dinner this Week! This helps me keep organized and quickly find a recipe to cook each night.

The kids go back to school on Monday (praise the lord!). 1st Grade for my big girl and preschool for the little one!! Where is the time going?? They are getting so big, so fast! I’m back to nursing school the following Monday. Last week I spent some time in the kitchen cooking to stock the freezer. I will do a little more this week as I plan to double the potstickers recipe and freeze before browning. Otherwise, some back to school prep and one day at work at the hospital for this girl.

Sunday: An altered version using this recipe for inspiration – Simple Summertime Basil Chicken Curry, served with basmati rice and naan.
Monday: Dinner out
Tuesday: BBQ Pork in the crockpot, oven fries, something green
Wednesday: Pork & Ginger Pot Stickers, Teriyaki Noodle Bowls
Thursday: Mediterranean Chicken with Potatoes (Cooking Light) with a salad
Friday: Red Beans and Rice in the crockpot, Honey Balsamic Carrots

5/19/13 – Dinner this week

Exciting week because not only have we gotten major work finished on our back yard (yay!) but we also have company coming on Thursday! So tonight we grill and then at the end of the week we will improvise/eat out.

Sunday: steaks and burgers on the grill, grilled zucchini, corn on the cob
Monday: Spanish Yellow Rice and Peas with oven roasted pork tenderloin
Tuesday: Spaghetti and homemade meatballs, salads
Wednesday: Chicken and Broccoli stir fry, jasmine rice
Thursday: bbq pork, oven fries, green beans

What’s cooking at your house this week??

5/5/13 – Dinner this week

I haven’t been as organized in the last few weeks, so today, I plan my menu on Saturday…. I might actually go to the store today too! (don’t tell anybody that I’m planning ahead LOL at least until Thursday!!)

Sunday: Pork Pot Stickers, Vegetable Fried Rice
Monday: ham, roasted potatoes, fresh green beans
Tuesday: grilled pork chops, corn on the cob, watermelon
Wednesday: Green Curry Chicken, jasmine rice
Thursday: Aidell’s Sausages, mashed sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli

What’s on your menu this week?

Happy Sunday! I’m getting ready for another busy week. We have training at work and I am fighting off some sort of bug. I feel pretty crummy, but am about to get up and get moving to the store and then the kitchen! We have houseguests this weekend, so we’ll cook something yummy for dinner tonight (or maybe go out)!? but here’s my plan for the rest of the week.

Monday: Citrus Soy Chicken Drumsticks, vegetable fried rice (I’m making this recipe but without the chicken)
Tuesday: Sausage and Peppers, rice
Wednesday: Orange-Cranberry Pork Stew, roasted potatoes, green beans
Thursday: Pizzas, salad (big salad for me)
Friday: dinner out

Lunches: Chicken salad

2/17/13 – this week’s menu

ahhhh long weekend. We are best friends 🙂 I love a 3 day weekend! Last night we hosted cooking club at our house and cooked the food of Hawaii!! I will share that menu with links and recipes at some point, but the food was amazing!! It’s so fun to try new things! I normally cook for the week on Sundays but since we’ll be home tomorrow, I plan to shop today and cook tomorrow. We’re having company this weekend, so my cooking efforts will be short.

Sunday: Spaghetti and meatballs, salad, garlic toast
Monday: Melt-in-your-mouth Chuck Roast, egg noodles, green beans
Tuesday: Honey Cashew Chicken with Rice, egg rolls
Wednesday: Stuffed Bell Peppers, mashed potatoes, salad
Thursday: Leftover cleanup
Friday: dinner out with our house guests

Have a great week!

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