I’ve always been a little hippy-dippy. I’m the girl at work who pushes everyone to recycle. We’ve been composting for several years. I like supporting the local guy, etc etc blah blah. You get the point. As time goes by, however, I’ve been growing even more conscious of my footprint on the earth. I’ve also been more concerned with what goes my plate and in my body (and more importantly, my daughter’s body!). In this quest for cleaner living, we have made a few changes. We’ve joined the CSA. We built a raised garden box in the back yard. We’re eating more organics. I figure every little change we can make, is one for the better!

So my challenge to you is eat locally, eat organically, eat clean. LIVE CLEAN. Here are some of my favorite items that you might want to check out! If you have items you want to share, send me a message or post a comment on this page!!

CSA and Local Farms

Food Politics and Initiatives

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